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We do not officially support Smart TVs, Games Consoles or super lower power devices like android set top boxes or supermarket own-brand devices. Your experience may vary - always and only purchase if you have a computer, laptop or modern tablet to view the stream on.

Check out this test video stream - if this works on your device, then the live stream should too.

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  • You’ll be asked to sign up or sign in. If you’ve never used this site before you’ll need to create an account with a valid email address
  • Click the View Now button above
  • If the game is already live you’ll see a player page. If not, you’ll get a holding screen
  • Check the tips below and to the side of the player window in order to get the best viewing experience


  • Please check out the FAQs page in the first instance. Several simple steps which solve most user problems are there
  • If we are having any general issues, be aware we already know and are working on it - most issues are localised and can be fixed by you

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